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Setting the standard in sill replacement & post work
This page is intended for communication enhancement between Jewett Builders' and its client.  
The contents of this page do not replace or diminish the need for a professional who is
experienced in this matter.
Sill work is a general term we use at Jewett Builders to describe the replacement of sills, sleepers,
helpers and sistering floor joist.
SILLS  are beams that are under the outside perimeter wall of the building. 
They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes: 6"x 8", 8"x 8", recycled telephone poles,  cedar poles,
laminated 2" x material or box sill made of 2"x 6" (8" or 10" )etc.
SLEEPERS are supports for main carrying walls within the building. Sleepers should be under stair & hall
walls as well as any 1st floor  walls that are used to support 2nd floor walls.  Sleepers usually tie into the sills
and should be posted every 8 - 10' (depending on the size of the sleeper).
A FLOOR JOIST  is the support for for your flooring system.  Floor joist can run from sleeper to sleeper,
sleeper to sill  and sill to sill.  As a rule we do not replace the floor joist but sister beside it instead. 
By placing another floor joist beside the rotting one,  we have supported the load and have not loosened
any of the sub-flooring. 
HELPERS are just that!   They are laminated or solid material that help to support any added weight on the 1st floor and often times will help to support undersized floor joist or sleepers spanning too much.


??How do you know if you have rot in your sill,
sleeper, helper or floor joist ??
If you can push a pocket knife into the material one inch or more,
you should consider getting it looked at by a professional. 

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