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 Please, do not hesitate to ask for a Certificate of Insurance
Jewett carries full Liability, Workman's Compensation as well as insurance on the building we have taken care, custody and control of.

Your structure has had time to settle to its current "foundation"  and if the supporting system for the structure is not 4' below grade it has has been subject to ground movement.
When Jewett Builders loads the building onto a supporting system  of steel beams the building will settle to its temporary "foundation" and will settle again once placed on its new supporting system.
In a very short period of time the building as re-adjusted itself twice, thus may show the signs of said adjusting.   These signs often reveal themselves as sheet rock cracks, doors & windows not opening and closing, paneling buckling, plaster popping or bubbling, cabinet doors not lining up  etc.
It is this very adjusting that we consider unavoidable jacking damage.
This damage is not covered in our insurance program 
In the event of major loss or damage to the building we carry a Limitation of Liability on the structure.   A major loss would be a chimney or fireplace falling, end wall collapsing or the entire load falling.    Insurance is initiated if such damage is caused by the negligent acts of Jewett Builders,  its crew and subcontractors working on the project at the time of loss.  This insurance does not cover acts of God.
Limitation of Liability is set at our standard fee of twenty-five dollars (25.00) per square foot of living space.  The cost of said coverage is valued at 2.5% for buildings being held and 3.5% for building being moved over the road or rolled on lot.   You may wish to declare a higher value on the structure: our contract offers a "declared value" option as well as keeping the current value projected by Jewett Builders.  
Jewett Builders understands the coverage quoted on estimates may be over projected for sheds and under projected for homes.  However that State of Maine mandates we can not waive the liability thus forced to set an amount that takes all types of buildings into account.
We are thankful to report we have never had a claim on our moving policy, however we do encourage potential clients to weigh the value of their project very carefully as there is a first time for everything!

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